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This option, Small (8-13") and Small Plus (10-15") waist

Tail Hole 1.5" Diameter

Short back (3” waist to tail)

Long back (4” waist to tail)


  • Dignity Drawers are designed to help protect your floors, carpets and furniture from spots and leaks. It is recommended they be used with commercial panty liners.
  • Dignity Drawers may be used with incontinent females.
  • Dignity Drawers use hook and loop closures at the waist with elastic under the belly and around the legs to provide a secure but comfortable fit.
  • All Dignity Drawers are flannel lined. All fabrics are pre-washed. Drawers can be machine washed and dried. Care should be taken when washing anything with hook and loop closures to protect other garments from snags. A lingerie bag is recommended.
  • Dignity Drawers are not to be used to prevent breeding.


How to measure for Dignity Drawers


Waist-Measure in front of rear legs, snuggly, but not tightly.

Back length-Measure from waist to where tail joins body.


General rule of thumb is if your dog is a docked breed, or naturally carries their tail up, choose Short Back. If they naturally carry their tail down then choose Long Back.


Some dogs will require custom Drawers, (ie., Bulldog, French Bull Dog, Boston Terrier, Basset Hound, sight hounds) please email your measurements for a quotation.

Small and Small Plus Dignity Drawers (Panties/Britches) (1)

  • Please double check sizing. 

    Items will be exchanged for size. Customer is responsible for shipping charges.

    For sanitary reasons there is no exchange or refund on Dignity Drawers (Panties) or Dignity Bands (Belly Bands). Please email if you require assistance with sizing.

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