Why Cali's Coats?

Simple but stylish

Fleece outer shell


Fleece lined

Can be made to your specified size

All coats are hand made


  • Blanket style coats are great for walks.

  • Once the front hook and loop closure is adjusted the coat can slide over the dogs head, or be opened and closed each time.

  • The 'belly band' is adjustable on both sides.

  • Blanket coats are available in even number back measurements starting at 6". Mira is 4 and a-half years old and is wearing a 22" coat, which is a tad too big:). 

  • When you need a hat and mittens, your dog would appreciate a coat!

  • Cali's Coats are soft and made of double layered fleece for extra warmth. 

  • Cali's Coats are similar in design to a horse blanket.

  • All coats are easy on, easy off.

  • We have you covered, in style.

  How to measure your dog.

How to measure your dog

  • Measurement "A" is the length from the neck to the base of the tail. (Along the spine.)

  • Measurement "B" is the distance from the middle of your dogs chest to the tail. (Along the side of the body.)

  • Measurement "C" is the distance around your dogs ribs, behind the front legs.

  • Measurement "D" is the distance from the top of the withers (shoulder) to where you want the coat to end. (Have you dog lie in a Sphinx position, measure from floor to floor over the shoulders and divide by two.)


Measurement A ________

Measurement B ________

Measurement C ________

Measurement D ________


Available Fleece Coat Fabric

Due to monitor differences these photos are only representations. 

Please include Measurements (A and B minimum) in the "Notes to Seller" when checking out with PayPal.


Closed for the season. If you are in the southern hemisphere please email your required size and I will email photos of available coats.


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